Hack the Box

I signed up on HackTheBox 711 days ago (according to my profile on the 10th August 2019), since then I have pwned a good few boxes and written everything up in notation form. That long time ago I planned to build a portfolio to help me secure a job, however all of these notes have just sat on the cloud and waited for their moment. That moment seems to be coming up!

The plan

Rather than storing them all on Github, I figured I could rewrite them/clean them up a bit and post them as pages here.
Each box posted will be retired, most of them are from a long while ago but the knowledge I have gained from this platform is pretty extensive so I hope to pay any tips and tricks forward from each box.


Write ups will just appears as I get them cleaned up. I’ll likely work through them alphabetically and just publish them as soon as they are ready.